Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe – Greek Cuisine and a Pizza Paradise in Austin

Pizza is one of the most exciting meals on the planet for two reasons. The first is that good pizza is terrific. The second is that a bad pizza is still pretty enjoyable. This rare characteristic makes Pizza one of the few meals which you can eat anywhere with zero disappointments. For years, Austin has been home to many excellent quality Pizza joints, but few have a more celebrated history than Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe. For decades, many Austin Residents have flocked at Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe to satisfy their pizza cravings. Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe delivers a one-two punch for delicious pizza and excellent branding. It’s a great place to give people a glimpse of the longstanding Longhorn culture that everyone will enjoy. Indulging the palate with Milto’s piece of thick-crust pizza, which is prepared using tzatziki rather than pizza sauce and gyro meat and feta toppings, has been a right of passage for many Austin residents over the years.

In terms of restaurants offering Greek cuisine, Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe is practically the restaurant that other Mediterranean-style restaurants in Texas look up to. Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe was started in 1977 by Miltos Georgakopoulos on 2909 Guadalupe Street and is just a slight walking distance from Dobie Twenty21. Since 1977, Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe has been situated at the same storefront operating from Monday through Thursday from 11 am. 10:30 pm, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 11 pm, and on Sundays from 12 pm to 10:30 pm. Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe has received numerous local and national culinary accolades, including a couple of best-in-Austin accolades in 2006 and 2007. Given Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe’s menu, one can easily understand why it has enjoyed success in Austin for almost forty years. The menu at Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe features a smorgasbord of delicious bites, including the signature house-made salad, garlic knots, marinated Greek patatas, and the Mama’s Choice gyro featuring a combination of lamb and beef.

Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe offers terrific meals in a very casual and comfortable atmosphere. Pizza enthusiasts in Austin love to hang out at the joint whenever they have the chance to. In the modern restaurant scene, it is rare to find a restaurant that offers healthy gluten-free menu selections, but healthy meals are a necessity for Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe. You will find a fantastic selection of drinks to pair with your meals. The table setting at Milto’s Mediterranean provides the ultimate spot for a summer meal and is a popular selection for large groups due to the ability to settle guests quickly. Enjoy a laid-back Mediterranean vibe at Milto’s where the casual dressing is the rule of the day. There is a safe parking spot on the street and the nearby lot (right nearby the local Affirm Building), as well as a parking space for bicycles. Milto’s Mediterannean Cafe understands the hassles of life, and that’s why they offer quality meals at an affordable price. Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe offers tasty and fresh pizzas every time you visit. It’s always a joy for diners to indulge in some good pizza while enjoying the casual ambiance.