The Wide Selection of Delicious Meals with Reasonable Prices

Other group selections worth mentioning include the Fettuccini. The Bulk Alfredo Fettucini goes for $61 and is a delight to enjoy in a group. It features Milto’s house-made Alfredo sauce, delicate, creamy texture with a nice touch of brandy, infused over fettuccini noodles and accompanied by eight pieces of bread. For a more delicious and hearty meal, you can add chicken to the meal. The Bulk Pesto Fettuccini also goes for $61 and is ideal for groups of eight to twelve. It consists of fettuccine dipped in Milo’s house-made special pesto sauce (prepared using olive oil, garlic, Parmesan, fresh basil, and pine nuts). It features Parmesan cheese toppings and is also accompanied by eight pieces of garlic bread. Just like the bulk Bulk Alfredo Fettucini, chicken makes for a great addition to the Bulk Pesto Fettuccini.

Drinks include iced tea, hibiscus tea, lemonade, Mexican coke, topo chico, A&W Rootbeer, and Fountain soft drink. The 12 oz topo chico bottle is the lowest priced drink at $1.59, while the 1-gallon hibiscus tea is the highest priced drink at $10.95.

Other than meals for adults, Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe has various reasonably priced selections for kids. For instance, the vegetarian spaghetti for kids features spaghetti with Milto’s special marinara sauce topping prepared using onions, basil, garlic, and spices garnished with a touch of parmesan cheese and served with one slice of hot garlic bread. The Jumbo cheese Ravioli features three pieces of ravioli with imported ricotta stuffings and romano cheese in a tomato sauce with a combination of the best Italian herbs accompanied by one slice of hot garlic bread.

The meat spaghetti for kids goes for $7.95. It consists of spaghetti made with Milto’s unique sauce meat sauce toppings, a combination of onions, sweet Italian sausage with mushrooms, and seasoned ground beef. The meat spaghetti selection for kids features a touch of parmesan cheese toppings and is accompanied by a slice of hot garlic bread. The spaghetti with one meatball is also a popular selection for kids. Priced at $7.95, the one-meatball spaghetti features three of Milto’s special recipe hand-rolled meatballs in a delicious marinara sauce and is accompanied by one slice of hot garlic bread.

With such a wide selection of delicious meals, you will be hard-pressed not to find something you like at Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe. From pizza to Greek dishes such as spanakopita and gyros to Italian-American selections such as ravioli and lasagna, Milto’s got you covered. The casual restaurant, which has been a popular dining destination with the University of Texas students since 1977, is ideal for groups and young kids. Milto’s ability to offer reasonably priced meals while maintaining high quality has ensured the restaurant stood the test of time.